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Allinteer seeks to build strong communities by helping local non-profits, community organizations, and school systems manage volunteer and service learning programs.

The Allinteer application simplifies the volunteer management workflow for students, non-profits, and school administrators thereby enabling an overall increase of volunteering for our communities.

Pilot Program

Our pilot program is with Melrose High School in Melrose Massachusetts starting in September of 2022.


For High School Guidance Departments and Administrators

We aim to...

  • Increase awareness of volunteer opportunities available for students and community members.

  • Foster new relationships with non-profits and community organizations that may provide structured volunteer opportunities for students.

  • Provide consolidated reporting and statuses of approved student volunteer hours.

For non-profits

We provide volunteer management features to reduce administration burden including:  workflow automation, on-line booking and scheduling, and the approval & distribution of student volunteer hours.

For Students

We simply want to make it easy for students to identify volunteer opportunities, schedule those opportunities, and report their community service hours.

We believe there is a phenomenal opportunity to support non-profits, volunteers, and our communities by using new technology and dedicated resources to make "showing up" for community fun, easy, and fulfilling!

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