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  • Can I request help over the phone or over Zoom if I am running into trouble?
    Absolutely, we will make ourselves available at your convenience; please email us with a date and time that works best for you. Email address:
  • How do I see the list of volunteers that have booked the volunteer opportunity?
    Follow the link below to the back-end calendar view, navigate to the date of the volunteer opportunity, and click the "manage" button to see the list of booked volunteers. Calendar view is available to the volunteer coordinators designated as the "staff" member for the event. Please note. This back-end view (to Wix, which we use for bookings) is a separate login from Allinteer.
  • What if I make a mistake when completing the Add New Opportunity form?
    Let us know in the Request Help area of our Forum. From the main menu, select "Forum" ==> "Request Help".
  • What is a Coordinator?
    Allinteer Coordinators create volunteer opportunities using the "Add New Opportunity" form. Coordinators have access to view and approve hours submitted by volunteers.
  • How am I notified when someone chooses one of my volunteer opportunities?
    When a volunteer "books" an opportunity, you will receive an email notification from the following email address: Allinteer . Note. You may want to add this email address to your contacts to prevent the email going to your spam or junk folder.
  • How do I approve student volunteer hours?
    Select "Approve Hours" from the Coordinator menu to be taken to Approve Hours screen. Once on the screen, select the check in the Approve Hours column on the row for a specific volunteer. To approve all pending volunteer hours, select "Approve All Hours".
  • What if I need to cancel a volunteer opportunity?
    Please log-on to our Wix partner dashboard , select the opportunity from the calendar view and select "Cancel Session". You may also communicate requests in our private Coordinator forum located here:
  • Can I sync my opportunities schedule to my Google calendar?
    Yes. Please logon to our Wix partner dashboard here: and select "More Actions" (top right) and select "Sync personal calendar".
  • How do I add volunteer opportunities?
    Select "Add New Opportunity" on the Coordinator menu and complete the information on the Add New Volunteer Opportunity page.
  • How long will it take to for a new opportunity to appear on the Allinteer dashboard and listings?
    In most cases, volunteer opportunities are posted within 6-12 hours. If your opportunity is not posted within 24 hours, please contact us at or you may correspond in our private Volunteer Coordinator forum area here:
  • Why do I need to approve student volunteer hours?
    Melrose High School requires students facilitate community service and provide approved community service hours from a non-profit or community organization representative.
  • What happens after I approve student volunteer hours?
    Approved hours are automatically distributed to the high school for official recording within the corresponding student record(s).
  • What happens if I reject volunteer hours submitted for approval?
    The student will be notified and may submit a revised hours approval request.
  • What type of volunteer opportunities should I submit?
    Volunteer opportunities should be appropriate for high school students.
  • How do I prevent too many volunteers for an opportunity?
    Specify the maximum number of volunteers you need on the Add New Volunteer Opportunity form. Once that number has been reached, the opportunity is no longer available for booking.
  • What if I would like to prequalify or interview a volunteer before allowing the volunteer to schedule the activity?
    Volunteer opportunities submitted to Allinteer should be appropriate for all students. Volunteer opportunities that require prequalification or interviews will not be listed.
  • Can a student submit hours if the volunteer activity was never officially listed on Allinteer?
    Yes. A student may submit hours to any organization within our system even if the volunteer activity was not listed on Allinteer. You approve these hours in the same way as you would any other hours.
  • Can I add my non-profit organization to Allinteer if I don't currently have a volunteer opportunity to submit?
    Yes. Select "Add your non-profit" on the More menu. Complete the Contact Request form and we will contact you.
  • How are students reminded of their obligation to an opportunity they booked?
    Students receive an initial confirmation email at the time of booking and are given the option to add the volunteer opportunity date and time to their Google Calendar. Additionally, students receive an email reminder 24 hours before the volunteer opportunity. Lastly, students may also select an option to receive a reminder text message to their phone 24 hours before the opportunity.
  • Can students cancel a booking if a conflict arises?
    Students are given the option cancel their booking for the volunteer opportunity at any time. If that occurs, you will receive an immediate email notification indicating as such.
  • Can I change the number of hours that a student submitted before approving?
    No. If a student submits hours that do not agree with your record, please reject hours by clicking on the "X" button in the corresponding row on the "Approve Hours" page. The student will be notified and have an opportunity to revise and resubmit.
  • How are Wix and Allinteer related?
    The Allinteer pilot application was built, in part, within the Wix environment. This allowed us to focus development efforts to areas specific to service learning and volunteer management workflows while allowing Wix to provide other traditional web functions.
  • How can I ensure I receive all communications and notifications from Allinteer?
    Please add the following email addresses to your email safe-senders, and "not junk/spam" list: And/or add the following to your list of contacts.
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